During the summer of 2003, as the sun shone brightly and cicadas loudly chirped, the MOGU brand was founded in a studio set up within a former military dependents’ village.

Offering goods like T-shirts, canvas purses and totes, natural dyed clothing and stationery, MOGU’s goal is to create an all-encompassing lifestyle brand with an unique style. From the fabric and dyes used to printing methods, our designers are personally involved in each step of the manufacturing process. We offer T-shirts sewed with organic cotton fabric, bags made of sturdy 14-ounce canvas in exclusive colors and notebooks assembled with unusual papers and embellished with letterpress printing. We also publish the quarterly MOGU zine.





In 2006, we opened MOGU's first retail store near Taipei City's Zhongshan MRT station. Not only does our store carry MOGU products, but it also captures the MOGU spirit. In our second floor café, you can enjoy homemade meals, take in an art exhibit, listen to music performances or roundtable discussions and even participate in a cooking class.

From 2014, MOGU has five stores in Taipei and Tainan.

What does MOGU represent? We are often asked that question.
Since our founding, MOGU has developed a reputation for our careful attention to the small details of daily life and our warm, easygoing style. MOGU is the same as everyone else. We want to create a meaningful life, a happy and abundant life.

There are 24 hours everyday. In that period, we work, eat, sleep and get busy with so many other things. If we don't have the ability to make good use of our finite time and strength, life becomes difficult. If we know our limits, no asking for more than we can bear, the perfect pace will be formed. We don’t craved for infinity, we believe the finite happiness is all we need.

That is our attitude toward our business and the items we create. We use that same philosophy in the way we treat our manufacturing partners, the earth and our customers. We believe that as long as we keep this in mind, not only will our business thrive, but we will also be able to make as many people happy as possible.

We believe by taking tiny steps to make a difference, we can make a big positive impact on the world.


ADD No.187, Sec. 1, Dihua St., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 
TEL 886 2 2557 0155 
EMAIL mogu@mogu.com.tw